Collaborative Program Policy and Design

Collaborative policy making is inclusive…

Services and programs for people need to be inclusive of those people. Often the key stakeholders are overlooked, or their expert knowledge is not captured. Collaborative policy making is inclusive of the people delivering services, communities and the people receiving service.

I will…develop a program plan that will best meet the needs of your operations.

I will meet with you to review your operational plans, and then develop a program plan that will best meet the needs of your operations. It can include program design and operational policy for direct services, as well as staff training sessions and tools to implement the program and services. As well, the policy needs to be maintained on an ongoing basis by your internal operations and reviewed for continuous improvement. This can also be a part of the plan.

…plan for continuous system improvement…

Additional steps to the policy and program design process can include:

  • Literature reviews
  • Environmental scans
  • Research
  • Qualitative interview development
  • Community meetings
  • Needs assessment
  • A plan for continuous system improvement

Facilitation and staff training

…a mixture of clinical background and policy knowledge…

I have facilitator training. With a mixture of clinical background and policy knowledge, I have delivered several training sessions on child welfare practice matters, children’s mental health, substance misuse and a variety or other direct service training.

Strategic experience…

Having worked at strategic levels within organizations, I can facilitate meetings and work with senior leaders and boards on planning.


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